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The SysOps team are responsible for the overall infrastructure and server platform development on which the Teleos program runs.


System Operations: Headliner

Shaun Allen

SysOps Engineer

Shaun joined the Teleos SysOps team in May 2017 and thoroughly enjoys his varied role within the department. 

Out of work he enjoys going out and having a few beers. He also follows football and enjoys seeing his team, West Bromwich Albion.

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Darren Cotterill

SysOps Engineer

Darren has worked at Teleos since 2011 and claims, in his own words, to have 'the best boss in the world!' He enjoys new challenges which are always coming along in the SysOps arena with constantly changing operating systems. 
He has a cat called dog and a dog called Bob. Don't ask, weird sense of humour. He enjoys going to the pub to socialise with friends and supporting his local football team, Birmingham City FC.


Matt Hovell

SysOps Engineer

Matt Joined Teleos in September 2014 after moving from London to Birmingham. Since then he has taken on many roles in the workshop and now handles all hardware quotes and orders.

In his spare time, he likes nothing more than going to the cinema or binging the latest netflix shows.

He also has a great love for music and can often be found at several gigs and Festivals throughout the year.

Matt also helps run an independent record label which specialises in Japanese rock/pop/electro bands, and manages the sales booth at some of the UKs leading Comic-cons.


Matt H.jpg

Tristan Tijssen

SysOps Engineer

Tristan has been involved in IT for most of his life, from taking his first computer apart at the age of 10, to getting his degree in computing in 2016. 

Tristan started in the Software Support team in 2016 but moved to SysOps in late 2019 to work on the more technical aspects of the software platform, which he very much enjoys.

Outside of work, Tristan likes going camping an enjoying the great outdoors and family holidays.

He lives with his partner and baby, 5 dogs, a cat and a bunch of chickens that provide a healthy supply of free range eggs.

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System Operations: Our Staff
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