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Development: Headliner

Charlene Ntoluke


Charlene joined the company in 2005 as a support engineer and moved into programming a couple years later.

Charlene has been involved with the development of a number of key integrations within the program such as vet envoy services, in house lab equipment, card terminal interface. She has also worked on improving various areas of the program to improve the user experience and provide more functionality.

Outside of work Charlene regularly attends church where she often helps out with admin, bookkeeping and designing publications for events.

She enjoys spending time with family, baking cakes and travelling.


Chris Bewick


Chris joined Teleos as a software support engineer in 2008 after acquiring a number of IT qualifications, including Microsoft Certified Professional status.
After gaining a couple of years support experience he moved into the programming team and has since been involved in many projects including the Teleos app, dashboard and online appointment booking system.

In his spare time he enjoys practising programming skills on personal projects, building custom computers and various hobby electronic projects including home automation.


Si Wellings


Si has been with Teleos since November 2000 and has been in the Development team for most of his time in the company.  He has worked on the program for a large range of projects for individual practices, from barcoding and stock control to reports and external tools, as well as general improvement of the front end.  In more recent years, he has taken over the role of converting new practices from their old databases to Teleos.

A fan of sport, especially his beloved Liverpool FC, he plays squash and badminton and regularly goes walking.

In his spare time he enjoys visiting new countries on his holidays, listening to rock and metal, computer gaming and cooking.

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