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Software Support: Headliner

Dan Blair

First Line Support Desk Manager

Dan has been part of the Teleos Team since 2008. He's always had a keen interest in IT. After leaving secondary school he attended a specialist IT college and joined Teleos after graduation. Dan was promoted to First Line Support Desk Manager in November 2016.

Outside of work his hobbies include keeping fit by going to the gym and trying new sports. However, he and his wife are far more interested in eating good food than keeping fit, so he doesn't go as often as he'd like! Like most computer nerds he enjoys gaming a lot and can spend hours after work and on the weekend getting lost in a quest or two.

Dan has two pets, including an overly friendly dog and angry parrot to keep him busy.


Craig Coughtrey

Second Line Support Engineer

Craig joined Teleos in 2013, when 19 years old. Outside of work, he is a huge sports fan and loves to participate in many different activities. Football is his favourite sport, which he plays most weekends. He describes himself as a 'proud' Aston Villa supporter and watches them home and away whenever he can. Craig also like playing Xbox with friends and work colleagues.


Anthony Dyer

Support Engineer

Anthony has had a keen interest in computers from a very young age and admits to playing a lot of video games growing up. He took an MCDP course and worked for Capita looking after Birmingham City Council IT before joining Teleos in June 2018.

Anthony spends most of his spare time with his wife or gaming, going out for Pokémon hunts or eating out. He has two cats called Loki and Nox.

Anthony Dyer.png

Matt Elton

Second Line Support Engineer

Matt Joined Teleos in June 2011.
In his spare time he plays guitar in a band, collects vinyl records and puts on gigs in the Birmingham area. He has, what he describes as, a grumpy old British Blue cat called Jaffa.


Rob Johnstone

Support Engineer

Rob joined Teleos at the end of 2017 at the age of 21. He's a huge foody and loves to travel, either around the UK or to different countries. On the weekends he tends to watch West Bromwich Albion and sometimes attend the home games, then on the evenings go out with friends to clubs in Birmingham. At home he has a Border Collie named Callie.


Pam Kaur

Support Engineer

Pam was born and raised in Swindon. She went to College with Charlene in 1999!
Her career started within Recruitment where she worked for 3 years. She then started working for Teleos in 2006.
Pam works on Support and sets-up and trains Practice’s on Invoicing, Vetenvoy services, Idexx Interlink and Vetconnect plus.
In her spare time she loves listening to music, playing sports, cooking and likes to travel. Most of the time she loves to socialise with friends and family.


Brett Nunn

Support Engineer

Brett joined Teleos full time in September 2019 after completing his initial IT  training program through the summer. He is fairly new to the IT industry but is no stranger to being an end-user of technology, having helped run the family business for the previous ten years. He is no stranger to many of the procedures found in running a business and enjoys talking to and helping people.

He moved to Birmingham with his girlfriend in order to join Teleos and he is thoroughly enjoying his new challenge.

Brett is a keen film buff and amateur actor, treading the boards in several plays and musicals back home in Cambridgeshire.

Brett Nunn.jpg

Abi Tustin

Support Engineer

Abi joined Teleos in 2021.
She is an animal lover with keen interests in music, gaming, art and technology. 

In her free time, she likes to play videogames, sing and chill with her sassy pet cockatiel, Cookie!


Paul Edmonds

Support Engineer

Paul first joined Teleos in 2004 and headed up the Training team. He then, in his own words, 'returned to Teleos in October 2021 from an 11 year holiday in New Zealand'.

He currently lives in Worcestershire and in their spare time Paul and his wife Caroline are determined to visit every town and village in England to soak up the vast array of architecture.  They also love visiting any type of animal/wildlife sanctuary/park etc.

Paul Edmonds_edited.jpg
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