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Teleos software has been continuously updated since we started in 1997. This has been great news for our clients, as they have always enjoyed the very latest, innovative tools, but not had the hassle and expense of purchasing new software. This approach has also been great for our support team, as they only need to know one program!

Despite the continuous development program and the considerable enhancements provided over the years, the fundamental design influence has been maintained; ease of use.

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Software Design

Keeping it simple

Simplicity is the key to Teleos' design. The program is split into a series of 'channels' associated with the location of each workstation in the practice.
This approach removes all unecessary clutter on screen and makes the program simple to learn and use.

Support Office


Simple yet extremely powerful

Although simple to use, Teleos is extremely powerful. This is, in no small part, due to the number of man years of development that have gone into the program.

Teleos users have had a big influence on how the system has moved forward.

Support Office

Vet-XML Consortium

Streamline your admin

Teleos has been one of the main supporters of the Vet-XML consortium set up by SPVS. All services are provided as standard in the program (at no extra cost) and Teleos clients were the first to enjoy the massive benefits of electronic insurance claims, linking to labs and automatic registration of microchips.


KPI Dashboard

Monitors Your Performance

The Teleos Key Performance Indicator (KPI) dashboard has been developed in conjunction with leading Veterinary Consultant, Brian Faulkner.

Brian has been a Teleos user for many years and is well known on the lecture circuit for his 'Colourful Consultations'.

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Teleos iPhone App

Stay connected at all times

The iPhone app is widely used by Teleos users who can stay connected to the practice PMS at all times. If you need to query some information on a patient, look at your appointments, message colleagues or add work remotely, then the app is for you.

Farm vets also use the app for booking work remotely and tools are provided for the production of electronic prescriptions.

Teleos Support Office


We Communicate!

In addition to the Vet-XML services, Teleos also links to many other in-house pieces of equipment, such as laboratory and digital X-Ray.

We also work with many other third party companies and organisations to make your life easier, your practice more profitable and the profession more knowledgeable.

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Integrated POS Terminal

Save time and money

Teleos users can cut out all the human error in taking payments, by using the integrated Clover POS Terminal. It's an extremely cost effective solution and available to all UK users. Get in touch for more details.


T-VoIP Integrated PBX Phone System

New for 2022!

Teleos clients can now enjoy the massive benefits of a fully integrated VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone system. 

Client cards pop-up at the touch of a button, calls are easily made and you can even record calls in the client record. 

If you'd like to see Teleos in action, and discover how it can help your practice, please get in touch. We are always happy to provide a no-obligation demonstration. Hassling isn't our style!

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